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We are not the only ones talking about possible changes to the hymnal. It has been covered by several news and blog sites, some with lively debates. By providing a link we are not implying any endorsement of the views on those sites. We are simply helping our readers be aware of the discussions being made. We are trying to represent a variety of sources. If you know of any other sites that you feel would be useful please list them in the comments.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints –

Deseret News – Major Revisions to LDS Church Hymnbooks Coming Soon Will Add Global Flavor

Church News – We Asked What Songs You Want Included in the Hymnal and Over 400 Responded

Salt Lake Tribune – Gender Gap in LDS Songs

Salk Lake Tribune – New LDS Hymbook Songs? Count on Born to be Mild

Herald Extra – LDS Composers-Members Reminded to Submit and Suggest Hymns for New Hymbook by July 1

LDS Living – Church to Revise LDS Hymnbook and Children’s Songbook

BYU – How to Make (and Unmake) Mormon Hymnbook

The Tabernacle Choir – New LDS Hymnbook and Childrens Songbook

Religion News – Finally a New Mormon Hymnal Designed for a Global Church

Belief Net – Do Some Mormon Hymns Promote Hatred and Religious Violence

By Common Consent – Songs I Wish Were in the Hymn Book

By Common Consent – I Have a Question: Will Lame Talk Intros Ever End?

Times and Seasons – The New LDS Hymnbook Changes and Possibilities

Times and Seasons – Updates On the New Hymnbook

Millennial Star – Get Your Music On

Feminist Mormon Housewives – Let’s Sing Follow the Prophet

The Exponent – Last Chance: Make Your Voice Heard for More Gender Inclusive Hymns and Primary Songs

The Exponent – The Hymnal Revision – Gently [, Accurately, and Kindly] Raise the Sacred Strains

The Exponent – Masculine and Feminine Verbiage in the Children’s Songbook

The Exponent – LDS Church to Revise Hymnal Children’s Songbook For Global Church and to Fill Doctrinal Gaps

The Exponent – Primary Songs for Girls

Zelophehad’s Daughters – Let’s Make the Hymnbook More of a His and Hers Book

Zelophehad’s Daughters – Two Songs I Hope Don’t Make It into the Children’s Songbook

Mormon Women – Follow the Prophet(ess) lyrics

Dialogue Journal – Changes in LDS Hymns: Implications and Opportunities

Change – LDS Church Bring Back Come Thou Fount to the LDS hymnbook

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