The Spirit of God

And Ephraim be crowned with his blessing in Zion

The Spirit of God #2

Ephraim refers to the descendants of Ephraim in the Bible, and was part of the ten lost tribes of Israel. The Church used to teach that the people of northern Europe and the British Isles were descended from Ephraim. Usually, members with this ancestry were given the tribe Ephraim in their patriarchal blessing, while other members were given another heritage. Now the Church teaches that we can all receive all of God’s promised blessings regardless of our race. As we move into a more international church, we should focus on blessings that all of us enjoy.

Since it isn’t a central theme to song, it should be easy to modify. Perhaps we could change it to:

And Ephraim we shall be crowned with his our blessing in Zion

Alternative for “The Spirit of God”

Here is a segment of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing “The Spirit of God” at General Conference:

Here is the link to the full lyrics:

Here is the link to leave feedback for the hymns:

What do you think? Should we edit the hymn? Should we get rid of it? Should we leave it as is? Let us know in the comments below:

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