Come, O Thou King of Kings

While all the chosen race
Their Lord and Savior own,
The heathen nations bow the knee

Come, O Thou King of Kings #59

This hymn talks about a chosen race, specifically distinguishing it from the heathen nations. We believe our Savior is the savior for the entire world and not owned by any particular race. We also believe that there is good and bad people among all races, and no nation had a monopoly on heathens. In general, we avoid labeling people as heathen, instead focusing on how no one is beyond our Savior’s reach.

Perhaps we could modify the hymn to include all people, since Jesus is the Savior of us all and we will all bow the knee regardless of level of righteousness.

While all the human race

Our Lord and Savior own,

All nations and people bow the knee

Alternative lyrics for Come, O Thou King of Kings

Here is a segment with the choir and congregation singing this “Come, O Thou King of Kings” during the priesthood session of General Conference:

Here is the link to the full lyrics:

Here is the link to leave feedback for the hymns:

What do you think? Should we edit the hymn? Should we get rid of it? Should we leave it as is? Let us know in the comments below:

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