Carry On

O youth of the noble birthright

Carry On #255

A birthright is a something that we get simply from the circumstances of our birth. If we obtained it through our faith or following the commandments, it wouldn’t be called a birthright. So the question is what youth are of the noble birthright? The song indicates that these youth are from a place with “mountains around us”, where their fathers established faith in the living God “over the desert sod”. It is pretty clear this song is referring to the descendants of Utah pioneers.

The song isn’t saying that youth of other places or heritages can’t also be of a noble birthright. However, it does single out that one group of youth is noble by virtue of their birth, rather than their faithfulness.  Our leaders have emphasized that everyone everywhere has divine worth. We should  make clear that no one’s birth is more noble than anyone else’s.

Here is a priesthood choir singing “Carry On” during a priesthood session of General Conference:

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