A Summary of Suggestions

Here is a summary of several of the suggestions that have been raised through the site.


Remove any reference that indicates that God favors or chooses one race over another, including the following references:

Remove references to certain nations being heathen, in error, in darkness or symbols of evil, including:

Remove anti-semitic references to Israel being wicked

Remove references that celebrate supplanting Native Americans or claims that God prepared their lands to be taken by the pioneers, including:

Remove anything that might suggest that people can receive special blessings through their birthright or their race, including:

Remove any reference that makes assumption about race or spiritual heritage, such as:


Replace male-centric language with gender-inclusive language, such as:

Better representation of Heavenly Mother, such as:

  • Change references to Heavenly Father to Heavenly Parents
  • Include this verse of Our Savior’s Love in the hymnbook
  • Additional songs and verses about Heavenly Mother

More songs with female role models, such as scripture heroines and sister missionaries. Several blog posts have suggested additional lyrics such as:

Make sure gender roles are balanced:

  • Add alternative lyrics for Daddy’s Homecoming for Mommy to come home.
  • Less songs about women and flowers and more about women in power
  • More songs about sister missionaries
  • Include generic songs about family and home under both Fatherhood and Motherhood topics in the back of the book
  • Remove any absolutes on gender and gender expression, such as:


Remove references that wish harm on others, including:

Remove references that encourage striking others, including

Remove name-calling, or calling everyone our enemy, including:

Remove references that disparage people who are depressed or have a hard time to sit still, such as:

To provide feedback to the Church, follow this link:


Are there more suggestions that can help the new hymnbook be the best possible? Let us know in the comments below.

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